Foundation formerly called Family Association "Kemperman"

Chamber of Commerce
IBAN: NL68ABNA0891377247

Address list

IBAN: NL68ABNA0891377247
on behalf of Familievereniging "Kemperman"

Balsebaan 96
4621 AR Bergen op Zoom
The Netherlands
Phone / fax: 0031-84-839.19.61
E-mail: @

The executive committee consists of the following members:
Gaby de Jager-Kemperman Chairman:
Gaby de Jager-Kemperman
Edelweiszstraat 33
6982 DC Doesburg
E-mail: @
Phone / fax: 0031-84-837.95.42
Ruud Kemperman Secretary:
Ruud Kemperman
Hazenakker 8
3994 EJ Houten
E-mail: @
Phone / fax: 0031-84-831.82.53
Eric Kemperman Treasurer:
Eric Kemperman
Balsebaan 96
4621 AR Bergen op Zoom
E-mail: @
Phone / fax: 0031-84-839.19.61
Thijs Kemperman Book committee
Thijs Kemperman
Woudlaan 5
7004 GC Doetinchem
E-mail: @
Phone / fax: 0031-84-836.25.91
Freddy Lentz Genealogical committee
Freddie Lenz
Elstar 35
6662 HX Elst
E-mail: @
Phone / fax: 0031-84-837.40.24

Remi Kemperman Webmaster
Remi Kemperman
Fugaplantsoen 22
1312 TH Almere
E-mail: @
Phone / fax: 0031-84-832.82.44

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Family Association "Kemperman"
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