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General Members Meeting 2007

In 2007 the General Members Meeting was held on
Sunday April 22nd
It was held at

Open Air Museum + Brewery Erve Kots

Eimersweg 4
7137 HG Lievelde
Phone: 0544-371691

The landscape scenery of the Gelderse Achterhoek has many secrets.
Museum Erve Kots, located at the bottom of the Lievelder Es, is in a beautiful country life with authentic farms, rosoliemolen, sawmill and other crafts with regular demonstrations.
During the Eighty Years' War is fought fiercely for the capture of the Fortress City in the neighbeirhood located Grol (now called Groenlo) In 1627 during the belegh of Grol is the state military forces under the leadership of Frederik Hendrik succeeded Grol of the Spanish power to dismiss. The armies of Frederick Henry had their headquarters at the place where Erve Kots is now. Old maps give a good impression.

The program for April 22nd was:
10.30 uur Reception with coffee / tea with half a special maded bread
11.00 uur Initial meeting
  1. Opening by the Chairman
  2. Adopt of the agenda
  3. Announcements
  4. Minutes of the General Members Meeting on April 23, 2006
  5. Control of the financial report 2006 (issued on the Meeting)
    Report of the financial committee on 2006 and discharge of the Board
  6. Adopt of the budget in 2007 (issued on the Meeting) and contributions in 2009
  7. Board Election
    The rotation schedule this year has resigned:
    Eric Kemperman (Treasurer)
    Gaby Engelsman (Activity Commitment)
    Both are regulatory outgoing, but have made re-election. The Board proposes to appoint them again.
  8. Election of the financial committee
  9. Report of the Genealogy- and the Book committee
  10. Administrative notices
  11. Free questions
  12. Closing
12.45 uur Lunch
13.45 uur Visit the Museum. Shopping on the cheese farm and finally a tour in the brewery
15.45 uur Closing the day in the brewery with a drink

The costs were 15,00 each person

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