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General Members Meeting

In 2010 the next General Members Meeting will be held on
Sunday April 18
This should be hold on

Tulip Inn Media Park Hilversum

Koninginneweg 30
1217 LA Hilversum
Telefoon: 035-6232444

This year our annual meeting is on Sunday, April 18 in Hilversum:
In the morning at the hotel Tulip Inn Media Park Hilversum and
In the afternoon in the "Museum of Sound and Vision" .

This year we celebrate our 20th anniversary and we hope that everybody will come.

In the "Museum of Sound and Vision" we will be guided through the "Experience": First you make a tour to see the modern building of Sound and Vision. We will get an impression of the gigantic size of the national television and audio-archives, we will see this in a "canyon" of 16 meter deep. Also we will hear how the treasury (which up to 700,000 hours of audio and video covers) is used and how the material is saved for the future.

After this introduction to the architecture and the archives of "Sound and Vision" a film presentation will introduces us by unique images on the postwar history of the Netherlands. In five movies we will see unique images from the past decades. We will get an impression of the social context, developments and trends, fashion, the role of the royal family and important or significant events.

The program for April 18 will be:
10.30 Reception with coffee / tea with something nice at the Tulip Inn hotel
11.00 Start Meeting
  1. Opening by the Chairman
  2. Adopt of the agenda
  3. Announcements
  4. Minutes of the General Members Meeting on April 19th 2009
  5. Identifying the financial report 2009 (issued on the Meeting)
    Report of the financial committee on 2009 and discharge of the Board
  6. Adopt of the budget in 2010 (issued on the Meeting) and contributions in 2010
  7. Board Election
    The rotation schedule this year has resigned:
    Eric Kemperman (Treasury)
    Gaby Kemperman (Administration and Activities)
    Both are regulatory outgoing, but have made re-election. The Board proposes to appoint them again.
  8. Election of the financial committee
  9. Report of the Genealogy- and the Book committee
  10. Administrative notices
  11. Free questions
  12. Closing
12.30 Lunch
13.45 Departure to the Museum of Image and Sound.
This is a walk from about 10 minutes. It is also possible to use your car.
  • Reception with coffee or tea and a cake
  • Tour through the building
  • Film Presentation on the post-war history in the Netherlands
15.45 Closure in the museum cafe

Also this year there will be a separate program for the children during the meeting.
In the Museum of Image and Sound the children will go with the adults.

The costs will be (because of our 20 anniversary) 10,00 each persoon.
Children uo to 12 years can join for free.

Application form (up to 31-03-2010)

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