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General Members Meeting

Once a year, the Family Association "Kemperman" holds a General Members Meeting.
Usually it is held in April, and at a different location each year.

After the General Members Meeting, we have a social lunch.

To promote a maximum attendance of our members, we want to involve the entire family of our members.
To make them all being present, the organizing committee looks after an attractive location each year, and compiles a program for both the young and the old. Locations being visited in the past have been a museum, a fun park, or just a historic city walk.

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Here you find the data and locations from the last years:

0 27-10-1990 Huissen  
1 09-06-1991 Vught Swimming + walking in the forest
2 05-04-1992 's-Heerenberg Huis Bergh
3 18-04-1993 Nuland Autotron Rosmalen
4 24-04-1994 Utrecht Railway Museum
5 23-04-1995 Lelystad De "Batavia"
1995 Batavia
1995 Batavia
6 14-04-1996 Brummen Klootschieten
7 13-04-1997 Scheveningen Sea Life Centre
8 05-04-1998 Alphen aan de Rijn Avifauna
9 11-04-1999 Didam Golf
10 21-05-2000 Doesburg Archery, mirror drawing, rifle shooting
1998 Avifauna
1998 Avifauna
11 22-04-2001 Raalte Mini golf, barbecue
12 21-04-2002 Terschuur Old Crafts and Toy Museum
13 13-04-2003 Hoenderloo Museum of old games + Walk on the Veluwe
14 18-04-2004 Nijmegen Bowling
15 17-04-2005 't Loo Paleis 't Loo
2002 Ambachtenmuseum
2002 Craft Museum
16 23-04-2006 Doesburg Mustard Museum
17 22-04-2007 Lievelde Open Air Museum + brewery Erve Kots Click here for the original announcement
18 13-04-2008 Otterlo De Hoge Veluwe Click here for the original announcement
19 19-04-2009 Sinderen Klootschieten or a horse-drawn carriage Click here for the original announcement
20 18-04-2010 Hilversum Museum for Sound and Vision Click here for the original announcement
2009 Sinderen
2009 Sinderen Family picture
21 10-04-2011 's-Hertogenbosch De Bossche Kelders and a boat trip Click here for the original announcement
22 18-04-2012 Nijmegen Valkhofmuseum + rondleiding Click here for the original announcement
23 14-04-2013 Utrecht Money Museum Click here for the original announcement
24 13-04-2014 Doetinchem Grand Café "Het Perron" Click here for the original announcement
25 12-04-2015 ?????? ?????? Click here for the original announcement

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