Foundation formerly called Family Association "Kemperman"

Chamber of Commerce
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The "Kemperman Journaal"

This is the name of the leaflet that is made by the
Family Association "Kemperman"
to give information to its members.

The Journal is published semi-annually and sent to our members in June and December.

The Kemperman Journals in this archive are in PDF-format.
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The leaflets are only in Dutch.
Only members can ask an normal digital example by sending a request to the @
The leaflets on the site are protected and are only for reading.
So it is not possible to print and / or edit.

Year June December
1990 Not published Number 01
1991 Number 02 Number 03 Juli Number 04
1992 Number 05 Number 06
1993 Number 07 Number 08
1994 Number 09 Number 10
1995 Number 11 Number 12
1996 Number 13 Number 14
1997 Number 15 Number 16
1998 Number 17 Number 18
1999 Number 19 Number 20
2000 Number 21 Number 22
2001 Number 23 Number 24
2002 Number 25 Number 26
2003 Nicht erschienen Number 27
2004 Number 28 Number 29
2005 Number 30 Number 31
2006 Number 32 Number 33
2007 Number 34 Number 35
2008 Number 36 Number 37
2009 Number 38 Number 39
2010 Number 40 Number 41
2011 Number 42 Number 43
2012 Not published Number 44
2013 Not published Not published
2014 Number 45 Number 46
Members can get all the numbers from 1 to now in one file.
The file is become to big to download by this site
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